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#NEWS: Hollywood Gone Geek Will Be Covering San Diego Comic Con 2014!

San Diego Comic Con 2014 SDCC Hollywood Gone Geek

The countdown to San Diego Comic Con 2014 continues and I wanted to take a moment to let you know that Hollywood Gone Geek will be on site covering the event, in conjunction with

I’ll be doing most of the reporting while resident Cosplay Queen Tanya Tate will be interviewing cosplayers and Phil will be looking at all the vinyl figures and toys that can be found exclusively at SDCC.

If you have anything you want to get posted on pre-SDCC, please send it over soon! All press releases, party and panel info can be sent to [email protected]



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If you are one of those people who has a million things going on and doesn’t have time to check out Hollywood Gone Geek everyday, fear not! We have added a the availability for you to receive the latest geek news straight to your inbox.

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#NEWS: Social Media Fans - Hollywood Gone Geek is on Facebook!

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In case you didn’t know, Hollywood Gone Geek has a Facebook page! Yep, I started the page along time ago and didn’t really promo it at first because I see some many people start all these social media spots and they stay blank for the longest time. I wanted to have some kind of content on there. So, it’s there now at

This is in addition to our Twitter feed @HwoodGoneGeek. So, join us on Facebook by clicking the link here and “LIKE”ing the page.


#HGGNEWS - Hollywood Gone Geek Launches New Events Calendar Page

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If you noticed in the menu bar above, Hollywood Gone Geek has added an “Events” page. There you can find some of the geek-centric events and cons going on across the country. It’s constantly being updated, so take a look and make a note of the next con coming your way. Click Here.

Do you have an event going on? Then send the info our way and we’ll get it posted. [email protected]


#BLU-RAY: The Walking Dead Season 3 Collector’s Edition Features Floating Zombie Heads

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Fan of The Walking Dead? Then I probably don’t have to remind you that Season 3 makes its home video debut today. What you might not know is that there is a limited collector’s edition available from the fine folks at Anchor Bay.

Based on The Governor’s zombie head aquarium that was seen in the show, this 5-Disc Set is one of the most incredible home media presentations I have seen in awhile.

Five very horrific zombies heads can be placed inside a “fish tanks”, which can actually be filled with water! With a simple push of a button the tanks light up, making a perfect display piece for your zombie collection. As a matter of fact why don’t we take a look at this video:

The Walking Dead Season 3 limited collector’s edition blu-ray box set is available now and can be ordered from Amazon.
The Walking Dead, TWD, Season 3, S3, Limited, Collector’s Edition, Blu-ray, AMC, Zombies, Horror, August 27th, Home Media, Box Set, Fish Tank, The Governor, Walkers

The Walking Dead has a tradition of releasing their series sets in limited collector’s editions. Season One came with an awesome wearable zombie mask while Season Two made was housed inside a zombie head.

If you missed out on these, you can still get your hands on them to add to your horror collection.

The Walking Dead Season One - With Zombie Mask
The Walking Dead Season Two - Zombie Head



Geektastic Cosplay Blogger Tanya Tate Set For How To Get News (For Small Press) Panel At San Diego Comic Con

The prolific personality will be representing on the panel to provide tips on attaining media coverage.

For Immediate Release: June 30th, 2013

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Noted superhero cosplayer and geek blogger Tanya Tate ( will be making an appearance at the annual geekfest known as San Diego Comic Con. Tanya has been recognized on several genre sites for her appearances as a costume player and expanded to become a reviewer and interviewer in her own right. Tanya will be representing on a panel with other entertainment media specialists titled How To Get News Coverage (For Small Press). As a genre blogger and reviewer as well as a publicist, Tanya is versed on both sides of marketing. Her social media skills are testament to her power of captivating attention; her twitter feed alone has nearly 175,000 followers. Tanya plans on sharing information and tips on what it takes to attain media placement for small press.

“I’m looking forward to this panel,” said Tanya. “I know what it is like to fight for coverage as well as what it’s like to receive pitches. I can share what I look for, what gets my attention and what makes for a successful media campaign. The other panelists are held in extremely high regard so attendees will walk away from this panel with a wealth of information.”

The How to Get New Coverage (For Small Press) panel is set to take place on Thursday July 18th at 10:30am in Room 8. More information on the panel can be found on the official San Diego Comic Con website:

Tanya will be appearing at the San Diego Comic Con all four days of the event. There, she will be meeting fans, posing for pictures and interviewing cosplayers for her website. Launched in 2011, the site was created as a outlet for Tanya to share her experiences in convention cosplay. As the popularity of the site skyrocketed, expanded to include news and reviews of all things geek.

For more info on Tanya visit the Tanya Tate network:

NEWS: HGG On Instagram

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I have been on Instagram for a little while now, so I thought I would drop a link on here so if you are so inclined you can give me a follow. It's I don't catch enough geeks on there and wanted to reach out. Collectors, Cosplayers, if you are a geek like me then hit me up on there. The site is on also on Twitter @HwoodGoneGeek, right now it's primarily a feed. If you would rather add my personal account, it's @MonstarPR.