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#NEWS: Monstar On "Femonsters" Future


The Rise of the Femonsters Kickstarter campaign closed on August 31st. But it did not meet the funding goal. So what's next for the team of superhero monsters? Creator Alexander "Monstar" Raymond posted an update on Kickstarter about what the future holds for the comic book.


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#NEWS: Hollywood Gone Geek Will Be Covering San Diego Comic Con 2014!

San Diego Comic Con 2014 SDCC Hollywood Gone Geek

The countdown to San Diego Comic Con 2014 continues and I wanted to take a moment to let you know that Hollywood Gone Geek will be on site covering the event, in conjunction with

I’ll be doing most of the reporting while resident Cosplay Queen Tanya Tate will be interviewing cosplayers and Phil will be looking at all the vinyl figures and toys that can be found exclusively at SDCC.

If you have anything you want to get posted on pre-SDCC, please send it over soon! All press releases, party and panel info can be sent to [email protected]



#COMICS: Tanya Tate's Top 5 Comic Book Covers Of The Week - For March 5th, 2014

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Hello Heroes!

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted my top 5 comic book covers of the week. Occasionally, when I get a chance, I post my top 5 covers that I think are awesome or attention grabbing. They could be sexy, scary, shocking or just really cool. It’s all in good fun. So, let’s get to it shall we! The Tanya Tate Top 5 Comic Book Covers of the Week are listed below:

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#VIDEO: 68 Year Old Woman Loves Mark Millar’s Starlight So Much She Gets Tattooed!

Starlight, Image Comics, Tanya Tate, @TanyaTate, Mark Millar, Duke McQueen, Video Review, Comic Book, Tattoo, 68 Year Old, Geek Girl, Youtube

Hello Heroes,

Wow. You really need to see this Youtube video. I love Mark Millar’s work but this reviewer, REALLY loves his comic books. She’s a 68 year old woman named Liz Hodge, who is now starting to do comic reviews. The first book she is planning to do a review of is Starlight, the new comic from Mark. Watch the video below and keep your eyes open for the reveal at the end of the clip.

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#MERCH: Tanya Tate’s Lady Titan Promo Poster Print Added To Storenvy

Tanya Tate, @TanyaTate, Lady Titan, Superhero, Cosplay, Comic Book, Promo, Poster, Art, SDCC, Comic Con, Exclusive, 11x17, Signed, Autographed

Hello Heroes!

I added the 11X17 promotional poster for my upcoming 2014 comic book Lady Titan to my Storenvy. So, if you want a signed copy of the poster, click here, and you can order one directly from me. The poster features the art of Mikel Harvey and colouring by Simon Gough. I co-created Lady Titan and you may have seen me cosplay as her a few times last year.

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#EVENT: Meet John Carpenter October 27th In Hollywood!

John Carpenter, Asylum, Golden Apple, Hollywood, Appearance, Sandy King, Halloween, Signing, Comic Book, Creator, Melrose, Entertainment, Hollywood, Gone Geek, Fandom, Horror
Just in time for Halloween. John Carpenter, the legendary director of such movies Escape From New York, The Thing and, of course, Halloween, will be making a special signing appearance this weekend in Hollywood to promote his new comic book; Asylum.

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#NEWS: ‘Furious’ Impact - Upcoming Dark Horse Comic Book Establishes Social Media Presence

Furious Dark Horse Comic Book Social Media Twitter Facebook
Furious, the upcoming Dark Horse comic from Bryan J.L. Glass and Victor Santos, has launched social media pages. The five-issue miniseries where celebrity, fame, and superheroes meet is set to debut January 29th, 2014. In the meantime, Furious Twitter and Facebook profiles have been established with hints of what is to come.

On Twitter, @FURIOUScomic has been posting images from the comic. The Facebook page also has links to creator interviews and other news pieces.

Furious Dark Horse Comic Book

Link up with Furious below:

If you can’t wait until Furious’ January launch, there will be an 8-page story in Dark Horse Presents #31.


#NEWS: ‘Black Tiger: Hunter Hunted’ starring Robin Shou and Angela Fong, Wraps Production

Black Tiger: Hunter Hunted, Kid Heroes Productions, Beyond Time, Angela Fong, Robin Shou, Press Release, Tanya Tate, Justa Lotta Tanya, Alamo City Comic Con, JLT, Short FIlm, Action, Comic Book
Hello Heroes!

I received a press release about a really cool project called Black Tiger: Hunter Hunted. It’s a short films and it sounds really cool and stars some very talented people. Alamo City Comic Con will get the honor of presenting the first look of Black Tiger: Hunter Hunted on October 26, 2013. So, if you are going to that con, make sure you check it out. Here is more info about Black Tiger: Hunter Hunted from Beyond Time, Inc. and Kid Heroes Productions:

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VIDEO: SDCC 2013 Zenescope Comics Interview

Justa Lotta Tanya Tate SDCC San Diego Comic Con Coverage Cosplay

Hello Heroes!

While at San Diego Comic Con 2013 I stopped by the Zenescope Comics booth. Zenescope is one of my favourite comic book companies, they produce really awesome comics like Grimm Fairy Tales, Return To Wonderland and The Jungle Book. I talked to one of the owners Ralph, which you can see here. He talks about the SDCC exclusives, the big new releases and the hot new series Hit List.

If you would like to see more interviews from SDCC 2013, I have more coming!

Stay Super
Tanya Tate


HGG Countdown To SDCC 2013: Jon Bogdanove Announces "Strongman"

HGG Hollywood Gone Geek San Diego Comic Con SDCC 2013 Info Coverage

(Press Release) Comic book artist Jon Bogdanove, co-creator of The Death and Return of Superman — the best selling Superman story of all time — is launching his latest endeavor on Kickstarter. Strongman is an all-new adventure series that tells two-fisted tales of an original pulp hero, whose exploits stretch from the Gilded Age of Teddy Roosevelt and Nikola Tesla, through the Roaring 20s, into the Dust-Bowl 30s, and beyond. The series will take the form of an anthology of legends, each revolving around depression-era circus athlete and adventurer Bronislav “Bron” Bellman, who travels the world with his companions in the Strange Bros. Circus, righting wrongs, and defending the downtrodden against all sorts of foes — from the criminal, to the supernatural.

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