#EBAY FINDS: Exclusive Star Wars Luke & Han and Greedo Funko POP! Vinyl Figures

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Funko’s POP! vinyl figures have really caught on in “pop”-ularity. Some of the early releases have started to fetch a hefty sum in the secondary markets, like eBay. One such pair of figures are the Emerald City Comic Con exclusive Star Wars Han Solo and  Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper uniforms. This set was initially limited to 1008 pieces of each figure and have now become extinct. One of these highly sought after sets can currently be found on eBay right here.

Another Star Wars figure that is really hot, is Greedo. Released as part of the first wave of Funko’s POP vinyl bobble heads, he was the first to be retired of the series and was missed by a lot of fans. The hard to find Cantina customer has been known to demand over $100. Here is a Greedo on eBay for just about half of that if you want to get in on the bidding now.


#EBAY FIND: Costume From 1978 Doctor Strange TV Movie

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While perusing ebay, on a whim, I decided to look up Peter Hooten. Who the hell is Peter Hooten? Why, he was Doctor Strange in the live action movie from 1978. If you think I am joking about there being a Doctor Strange television movie, check out this clip. Do yourself a favor and hop over to the 6:15 minute mark.

Unfortunately this gem has never been released on DVD, Blu-ray or Digital Download, but I’m sure you can find a crappy bootleg of the VHS release somewhere.

As you can imagine, finding anything on this movie is far and few between. So, to my surprise when the results for Peter Hooten turned up his Doctor Strange costume, I was a little more than shocked.

Doctor Strange TV Movie 1978 Marvel Universal Live ActionYes, available on eBay for the low staring price of $8,888.88, you could possibly be the proud owner of this rare piece of television and super hero history. “That price is a little high,” you might be thinking. And while may tend to agree with you somewhat, it appears that it is intentional.

The owner of this costume, blackops128, notes the price in their auction: “Yeah we know the price is uber high. Not really looking to sell this hence the unrealistic price asked  :-)”

Well, there you go. I would be up to lay down some loot for this, but I would be living in fear for the day my wife asked me why our savings was 9G’s light and all I had to show for it was a nifty purple tunic. Now, if it was Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman biker out from the A Date With Doomsday episode, we’d be in business.


Oh yeah, I got that Wonder Woman clip too:


#EBAY FIND: Mattel Flash Gordon Series Dr. Zarkov Unpunched MOC Figure!

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It’s not often you find an awesome collectible like this. Do you remember the Flash Gordon Filmation series of the late 70’s? I slightly do. Well, Mattel actually produced a line of figures from that animated series in 1979. One of which is Dr. Zarkov. Well, he is currently on ebay, but what makes this one so cool is that it is MOC (Mint On Card) and the card is Unpunched.

Flash Gordon Doctor Zarkov Mattel Action Figure 1979 copy

Gotta love the art on the card. Really fun stuff.

The only drag is the oversized price sticker that covers up some of that great art, but still a rarity to be sure. Bid on it here.