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Pop Kulture Vulture Announces New Hammer Horror Merchandise!


I'm always excited to see new Hammer merchandise, and Pop Kulture Vulture has a lot of new items that fans of the iconic horror studio will love.



Some of the new collectibles that are now available range from eye-catching stickers to wearable pins and even a Dracula shower curtain.


I took a look, and they even had a Hammer-themed wallet that features images of Dracula and Frankenstein.


One thing that caught my eye is the Hammerâ„¢ Films Van Helsing Premium Garlic Hot Sauce. Well, that will get rid of your vampire problem for sure.

So if you want to show off your love of the classic Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing films, now you can. Visit for their full selection of Hammer Films goodies.

-- Monstar

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