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#NEWS: Monstar On "Femonsters" Future


The Rise of the Femonsters Kickstarter campaign closed on August 31st. But it did not meet the funding goal. So what's next for the team of superhero monsters? Creator Alexander "Monstar" Raymond posted an update on Kickstarter about what the future holds for the comic book.



Firstly, Thank you for backing my RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS comic book. Over 100 people supported this idea and pledged nearly $3500.00.

Unfortunately, we didn't meet the funding goal of this campaign. But still, I am thrilled that so many believed in this universe of superhero monsters that you were willing to back it.

What's next for this lot of groovy ghouls? I'm still going to get the RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS comic book produced; it just might take a little longer. My plan is to JUST GET IT DONE. I'll keep knocking it out piece by piece until it's finished.

After I get all the "nuts and bolts" completed, I may do another Kickstarter campaign for the upgrades.

Until then, for news and updates of the Monstar Horror Universe, I started social media pages you should hit up:


and of course:


The MonstarUniverse.com URL will begin directing to an online shop for all the FEMONSTER merch. That should take place in the next few days.

Thanks again to everyone that showed this project some love. And like all great monsters...they'll be back.

Happy (early) Halloween!
--Alexander Raymond

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