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Are you in the beginning stages of a project and want to know the fundamentals of generating awareness for your work? Then the How To Get News Coverage panel is one you are going to want to attend.

As a publicist by trade and a media content creator by choice, I know both sides of the fence. I know how challenging it is to get media placement and I also have experience on writing about projects they get my interest.

So, what are the secrets to get media placement for your project? Where do you begin? You obviously have something great that you're putting your time and effort into creating, but then what? How do you get people talking about your work

The panel will be moderated by Rik Offenberger of First Comics News and feature several people that write, podcasts, and cover in the geek genre.

If nothing more, this is a great avenue to meet some of the people who you are going to want to connect with, to help make sure your project gets seen. Come prepared with questions and engage these professionals.

The How To Get News Coverage panel takes place on Thursday July 20 at 10:30am in Room 8.

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How To Get News Coverage: Small press publishers: What makes the difference between an item that will get news coverage, previews, and interviews and one that won't? A lot of publishers have no idea what to submit to the press, how to submit it, and why they are being overlooked for coverage. Comics journalist Rik Offenberger (First Comics News, Archie Comics) moderates this panel on just what it takes to get coverage, with the comic journalists themselves telling you what they are looking for in submissions. They include Alex Raymond (Hollywood Gone Geek), Francis Sky (First Comics News, Massacre Twins), Glenn Hauman (ComicMix), Heidi MacDonald (The Beat), J. C. Vaughn (Gemstone Publishing), Jez Ibelle (First Comics News), Josh Waldrop (Red Gorilla), Rob Salkowitz (ICv2, Forbes), and Tanya Tate (First Comics News, JustaLottaTanya.com). Also, independent comics creators Ed Catto (Captain Action, Bonfire Agency) and Holly Golightly (BroadSword Comics), explain what worked for them and what to avoid when looking for press coverage.



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