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#EVENT: Masters of the Universe Convention The Power-Con This Weekend In So. California!

#TOYS: Wave Of 6 Funko Dorbz Vinyl Figures Vaulted!

If you are a collector of the Dorbz vinyl figures from Funko be on the lookout for these characters that have just been vaulted!

Been thinking about starting to collect Dorbz? Well, if you have been on the fence, now is the time to start. It was brought to my attention that this past week several figures in the line have been vaulted. Which means that only the stock currently available from retailers is available and the figures will no longer be produced. As you have probably seen with POPS! some vaulted figures skyrocket in price on the secondary market after store shelves have been exhausted.

So, which characters are going away? Here is a list and links to the Amazon page where you can still pick them up at retail.

Dorbz: Batman V. Superman - Batman

Dorbz: Batman V. Superman - Superman

Dorbz: Captain America: Civil War - Black Panther

Dorbz: Captain America: Civil War - Crossbones

Dorbz: Captain America: Civil War - Winter Soldier

Dorbz: Warcraft Movie - Lothar

Good luck and good hunting! Personally I have been undecided about collecting Dorbz but now I feel I need to either commit or not collected at all because I don't want to have holes in my collection. Argh. First world problems, I know.

What do you think? Are you taking the Dorbz plunge? Or avoiding it altogether? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Tanya Tate