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#REVIEW: Six Flags Exclusive Batman Blind Box Vinyl Figures!

Batman fans need to start planning trips to Six Flags theme parks as exclusive DC Comics Design Gallery vinyl figures can be found there.

There is something awesome about blind boxed figures. I get sucked into buying them because of the thrill factor of not know what you are getting. While on a recent trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain, I happened upon these exclusive Batman blind box vinyl figures.

Yes, the only place to get them is at one of the Six Flags theme parks across the US.

Priced at $7.99 a box, there are six figures in the DC Comics Design Gallery set consisting of three different versions of Batman, Bane, Harley Quinn and the “rare” Joker figure. Standing at 3 inches tall, these figures have articulation at the neck and arms. The basic shape of the head have “Batman ears,” regardless of the character.

The designs are cute in a simplistic yet stylized way. They remind me of figures like Vinylmation, where it is a basic figure shape with a unique design.

While I was at Magic Mountain, I didn’t see these figures in every shop I went in to, so you may have to keep an eye out and do a little hunting. I don’t know how committed Six Flags is to the blind box vinyl figure game, but I do hope they continue this line and branch out into other DC Universe characters like Superman and Wonder Woman.

Next time you are at a Six Flags theme park, grab a box or two. They are very cool and very addicting figures!

Tanya Tate