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#TOYS: More Batman TV Exclusives From Figures Toys Company!


Bat-Villains and Barbara Gordon are exclusive new FTC Batman series variants available for pre-order!

Ready for more “Mego” style action figures from FTC’s popular Batman TV show line? There are 5 episode specific figures on the way, so if you are a collector clear some space for them.

FTC Batman Barbara Gordon Toycade Variant
First is a Barbara Gordon “Wedding Gown” variant based on the Batman '66 Season 3 premiere "Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin.” This figure will be limited to 500 pieces and is a Toycade exclusive.

This new Barbara figure is dressed in her wedding gown, which she wore as she was being forced to say "I do" to The Penguin! The long gown, veil, gloves, and shoes depict Barbara just as she was before she made her escape and changed into Batgirl!

The next batch are some a collection of Bat-Villains in variant costumes. These are also limited to 500 pieces each.

FTC Batman 66 Villain Variants 2
“Sandwich Delivery” Egghead is from the Season 3 / Episode 8 “The Ogg and I” while “Prison Inmate” Shame can be seen in Season 3 / Episode 21 “The Great Escape.”

FTC Batman 66 Villain Variants 1
“Mad Sculptor” Mad Hatter appeared in Season 1 / Episode 13 “The Thirteenth Hat” and from Season 2 / Episode 7 - “The Spell of Tut" is “Bug Doctor” King Tut.

These Bat-tastic figures are available to pre-order now from Toycade with a tentative May release. Place your order now, you don’t want to miss out on these!

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