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 Award winning adult actor Derrick Pierce has established himself as the go-to-guy for porn parodies based on geek properties. He’s starred as Bane, The Mandarin, Deadpool and Lex Luthor. But Comic Book heroes and villains are not the only roles Derrick gets cast for. The popular performer has a filmography that consists of nearly 1,000 scenes. One of his latest moves has been the talk of tabloids. The reason? It stars former WWE superstar Diva Tammy Lynn Sytch or better known as Sunny.

I called Derrick up to get the scoop on how he got involved and what happened behind the scenes...


TANYA: How did you become involved with this video?

DERRICK: The person who shot the video is an acquaintance of mine. He asked if I was interested in doing the shoot. I agreed and was then approved by Vivid. After that, I was put on a list of potential male performers and from that list, Tammy chose me.

TANYA: Were you familiar with Tammy and her work in the wrestling world before making this movie?

DERRICK: I knew of her, but was not that familiar. She was a little before the time I was really aware of what was going on in wrestling.

TANYA: Are you a fan of wrestling at all?

DERRICK: I’m a casual fan of wrestling. I would love to go to an event and see some matches.

TANYA: Talk about your first meeting with her.

DERRICK: The first time I met her was at the shoot. She was getting ready in the makeup chair. She commented on how cute I was. She was a nice, sweet girl. We chatted and she told me about herself. She said she was one of the original Divas.

When it came to actually performing, I did have to do a little encouraging. She was excited to be there and do the scene, so I wanted to make her first time pleasurable and stress free.

TANYA: In the trailer she seemed like she was really uninhibited and into the sex. Was she initially nervous about having sex on film?

DERRICK: She was probably a little nervous, but I think she was more excited. She enjoyed the sex and orgasmed several times.

TANYA: How did she do as a first timer performer?

I think she did a great job. She was really into it.

TANYA: There seems to be a lot of parallels between professional wrestling and porn. You are both basically stunt workers who perform fantasies. Do you think wrestlers make for good porn stars?

I think wrestlers make for pornstars as good as pornstars make for wrestlers.

TANYA: Any wrestling related dirty talk?

There was some dirty talk but not necessarily wrestling related.

TANYA: Did you perform any moves that were similar to wrestling holds?

DERRICK: We did a lot of moves, just none that where wrestling style. I wish I could have jumped off the top rope but we didn’t need to do that to have amazing sex.

TANYA: Did you talk with her at all about what motivated her to shoot this film? Did you get a sense of how she expected a sex tape to impact her public image?

DERRICK: She talked about how hot it would be to have a sex tape out. Vivid gave her the opportunity to make it the way she wanted to make it. She never mentioned how it would impact her public image. She was just excited to make something naughty for her fans. She was really into it.

TANYA: Do you think a sex tape for a female wrestler would be more positively received by the public, than a sex tape of a male wrestler?

DERRICK: I think it would be more palatable if it was a male wrestler, but more people would be interested in watching a female. Unless it was a huge name like The Rock, Triple H, John Cena or someone of that caliber.

TANYA: Was it “another day at work” for you or was this situation different from your other shoots?

DERRICK: It was a totally different day compared to my other shoots. This required a lot of attention and guidance on my end as she was new to shooting but definitely not new to sex.

TANYA: If you were to film a sex scene with a current WWE Diva - who would be your choice?

DERRICK: I don’t really want to say on the grounds that one of their boyfriends might come beat me up, but the Bella Twins are hot. I don’t want John Cena looking for me if he thinks I want to fuck his girl. Sometimes I get mistaken for John Cena, especially in the airport as I wear a military hat. I have had the TSA girl holding my ID with shaky fingers, looking at me. They are soon disappointed when they realize I’m actually not him.

TANYA: Have you ever thought about getting into the wrestling ring? If so, what would your finishing move be?

DERRICK: I’ve not done any wrestling but I have done MMA. They used to have a wrestling reality show, like a wrestling school that I used to watch. I thought about doing it, I just never did anything about it. My finishing move would be The Pierce PileDriver.

Derrick Pierce can be found on Twitter - https://twitter.com/thedpierce.

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