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#NEWS: Mego Collectors - Pre-Order A World’s Greatest Super-Heroes Poster!


Fans of the superhero Mego action figures of the 70’s have a new collectible to look forward to! A poster depicting all the heroes and villains that were part of this awesome series.

I am a huge fan of Mego figures. I have The Human Torch, The Hulk, The Mighty Isis a more. These 8-inch figures are my favourite type of action figure with their cloth uniforms and incredible articulation. Benjamin Holcomb is the author of Mego 8 Inch Super-Heroes: World's Greatest Toys!, the definitive books on the figures. He’s collected images of the toys for a stunning 18x24 inch poster featuring the Marvel and DC Comics characters that made this line a success.

For a limited time, Benjamin is taking pre-orders on this second printing of the poster which costs $40 plus shipping. All the pre-order info can be found on this page that he set up.

Don’t miss out on this fun piece of nostalgia.


Tanya Tate