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#FOLLOWFRIDAY: Social Media Accounts Celebrating The 1977 Spider-man TV Show - @SpideyTVseries

Every week we are going to spotlight someone or something cool on Twitter and let you know about it, so you can give them a follow. This week is an account dedicated to the Spider-Man TV show of the 70’s.

I’m a huge fan of 70’s Marvel live action shows. Reb Brown as Captain America, Lou Ferrigno as The Hulk and, yes, the Nicholas Hammond as Spider-man.

So, finding out that there was not only a Facebook spot dedicated to the Spider-man television show but a Twitter account as well, I was all about it. From obscure memorabilia and rare photos to championing a DVD (or Blu-Ray) release of the show, these spots are a wealth of fun.



If you are on Twitter or Facebook be sure to give them a follow.

Now, someone needs to start a Twitter account for the Doctor Strange TV movie. I’d follow that one, too.

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