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It has been revealed that due to overwhelming customer demand by collectors, Funko will debut a new collectible series consisting of POP boxes and exclusive stickers sheets. While the line will still be called “Pop!” the vinyl figures that once brought the line to prominence will no longer be produced. Full story below.

Ned-Stark-Funko-Box-POP-Exclusive“We’ll begin to start phasing out the vinyl figures that came with the boxes,” said no one at Funko. “Collectors’ tastes have changed in the last couple of years and they are not as interested in the figures as much as they are the pristine condition of the boxes and the stickers on them.”

The boxes will be shipped in a plastic protector inside their own protective box to preserve the resaleability, an important factor for most new POP collectors. Funko will also guarantee that no human hands will come in contact with the thin cardboard boxes.

Funko-Pop-Stickers“I deal only in current high-end Hot Topic exclusives,” said a Facebook group seller. “I’m glad this is happening. My business is selling these exclusives for 3 or 4 times what anyone can buy them for in the store, so the demand is there for anything with a sticker on it. I’ll be putting these out for sale just as soon as Hot Topic gets them on the store floor. Hell, I might try posting while I’m still there!”

 "Nothing makes me happier than the stickers! I plan to put stickers on all of my Funkos, exclusive or not." said one fan. "It's about time Funko listened to collectors. I have spent $2000 on Funkos in the last six months, I think I have a right to say in how the company is run."

Boxes will have a retail price of $19.99 each while exclusive stickers sheets are guessed to be retailing at $9.99 each.

--April Fo-Ol'sday