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The good people at Warner Archive are consistently releasing some amazing rarities and this 2-disc DVD set is no exception. Reaching back to the mid-eighties comes Challenge of the Gobots: The Series, Volume Two. If you are not familiar with the Gobots, they were a toyline from Tonka that featured sentient robots that transformed into vehicles. Sorta sounds familiar, but that is another story for another day. Instead let’s just focus on this release. More below:


Produced by Hanna-Barbera, Challenge Of The Gobots was a syndicate animated program lasting 65 episodes. Good Gobots known as the Guardians were locked in battle against the evil Renegades.

Warner Archive debuted volume one of Challenge Of The Gobots in May of last year and now is offering volume Two which contains the remaining 35 episodes of the series.

Some pretty interesting casting notes. Peter Cullen, who you may know as the voice of Optimus Prime also voices Pincher, Spoiler and Tank. Frank Welker has done many notable voices including Fred from Scooby-Doo, Marvin and Wonder Dog from The Superfriends, Jabberjaw, Dynomutt, Fangface and even Megatron from The Transformers steps in for Scooter, Blaster, Rest-Q, Screw Head and Zeemon. René Auberjonois of Star Trek DS9 fame can be heard as Dr. Braxis.

This set also has a surprising bonus in form of the Robo-force: The Revenge Of Nazgar TV Special from 1984. I had to wiki this obscure show and the toy line it was based on. I’m telling you, the cats at WA dig deep. I pride myself in being well versed in the obscure cartoons of the 80’s but this one totally slipped past me. I’m really looking forward to taking a look at this one.

Add Challenge Of The Gobots Vol. 2 (and if you don’t have it already, Vol. 1) from Warner Archive and enjoy a day of robo-binge watching!