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#NEWS: Gotham Premieres Tonight On FOX!

Gotham FOX Cast Promo Trailer

Are you one of the many people who are anxiously awaiting the premiere of the new TV series Gotham? Taking place long before there was Batman, Gotham chronicles the adventures of James Gordon’s crusade against the evil and corruption that has embedded itself in the city. Want a bit more? The trailer is posted below:

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#TOYS: Hot Topic Unleashes An Exclusive Loki Funko POP Vinyl Figure!

Tanya Tate, @TanyaTate, Loki, Thor, Hot Topic, Exclusive, POP, Vinyl Figure,  Toy, Collectible, Funko, Bobblehead

Hello Heroes!

Loki is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After his appearances in the Thor and Avengers movies, Loki has become the bad guy everyone loves. Loki Funko POP vinyl figures are also quite popular as some of the exclusives of this character have went one to command high dollars on the secondary market.

Well, there is a new Loki to look out for and Hot Topic has him! Want to see the figure that you are going to want to add to your “Must Have” list? I have a picture below:

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#TRAILER: The Flash - "Guardian Angel"

The Flash, Trailer, Dc Comics, WB, CW, Guardian Angel, Trailer, Barry Allen, Grant Gustin

The countdown to the series premiere of the The Flash continues! New and exciting tidbits about the highly anticipated show keep popping up, like this new trailer. Titled “Guardian Angel” Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) gives a quick rundown of the road that led him to becoming The Flash.

Watch The Flash trailer Guardian Angel below:

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#TOYS: Deadpool Suits Up X-men Style For New FUNKO POP Vinyl Figure Variant!

FUNKO POP Deadpool X-men Marvel Figure

Hello Heroes,

Are you a fan of Deadpool? If you are a Funko POP vinyl figure collector, you know that there have been several different variants of the popular Marvel Comics character. Coming out next month will be yet another Deadpool that you’ll need to add to your collection, this time he is suited up in an X-men costume. See the pic below:

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