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The Adventures of Batman

A significant animated Batman series that has been missing from home media is the late 60’s show The Adventures of Batman. While select episodes have popped up from time to time in different forms of media (like VHS or digital downloads) the complete series has never been made available...until now. Here is the scoop:

Adventures of Batman Joker 001 Adventures of Batman Joker Penguin Riddler Adventures of Batman Robin 001

The Adventures of Batman was a Filmation production that came right after the television show. It was an awesome take on Batman and featured classic Bat-villains like Joker, Riddler, Catwoman and Penguin. Batman was voiced by Olan Soule while Robin was Casey Kasem. The voice actors would go on to supply the voices of the dynamic duo in many of the incarnations of the Superfriends series. The Adventures of Batman also featured an occasional appearance by Batgirl.

Spread across a 2-disc set, all 34 of the episodes will be released on DVD June 3rd, 2014. It doesn’t appear that there any bonus features listed, but you are finally getting the complete series totaling 331 minutes for about $15. Well worth the price of admission.

Check out the opening of the show:

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Adventures of Batman (2014)