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#NEWS: Happy Birthday Electra-Woman DEIDRE HALL

Deidre Hall Electrawoman EWDG Krofft
Hello Heroes!

I can’t believe I missed this! Last week, Halloween to be exact - 31st October it was Deidre Hall’s birthday! Deidre was the star of the Krofft series Electra-Woman and Dyna Girl, which I am quite fond of.

Tanya Tate Judy Strangis Deidre Hall Electrawoman EWDG KrofftDeidre turned 66, whoa. She looks incredible. I had the chance to meet her along with her EWDG co-star Judy Strangis awhile back and had this nice picture taken with them and the Kroffts, Sid and Marty.

Electra-Woman and DynaGirl lasted only one season in the 70’s and I didn’t even see it until I moved here to the US only a few years ago. However, because of my love of superheroes, especially live-action ones, I fell in love with the show and Deidre Hall as Electra-Woman is one of my favourite characters.

As you know I even cosplayed as her on a few occasions, including San Diego Comic Con. I’ll post video below for you to see.

Happy (belated) Birthday Deidre Hall!

Stay Super
Tanya Tate