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How to Create a Great Designer Toy class on Skillshare by Kidrobot's Paul Budnitz

Have you always wondered how you could create and design your own vinyl toy? Well, Skillshare has got you cover with this exclusive online class created by Kidrobot Founder, Designer, Entrepreneur, Author Paul Budnitz. Wow, how cool is that! The class is titled "Beautiful Plastic: How to Create a Great Designer Toy". 


You will be sure to learn the ins and outs of the designer toy world. Paul will go over the history of designer toys from the late 90s to the toys you buy today. You will learn what makes a great vinyl toy onto everyone's collectors shelf or what can make a vinyl figure forgettable and a failure. The wonderful part about this class is learning to sketch & design your own toy. The class will begin wednesday, October 16, 2013. Enrollment is just $20! Go here to enroll.


I, myself am very interested in this class and will be attending it. I can't wait! this should be some very helpful and encouraging information.