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Phil's Favorite Toy Scores From SDCC 2013


In the middle of all the chaos at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, I happened to pick up a few things that I’m very happy with.

I drove to San Diego on Wednesday to pick up my badge early and attend Preview Night. This was my first preview night and it was insane! All booths where in full force, selling everything! The big question in my head was which booth do I hit first?! Comic and toy fanatics were running the floor like mad and everything seemed to be a big blur until I saw this huge, gigantic Shogun Warriors style Batman all the way in the 5000’s row. It was the Funko booth and that was my main stop for the night. I would say I got to the Funko booth in about 5 minutes from the doors being opened and the line was already cut and already a mile-long. 

After about five attempts of joining the others in line, victory was mine... so I thought. After getting in, it still took about an hour for me to start shopping in the Funko store. Well in line I was investigating and checking out all the exclusives in the display window the main figure that I really wanted was the beheaded Game of Thrones Ned Stark! The Ned Stark was the last reveal of the mystery exclusives from Funko. About 40% of the shelves were bare, so I thought my chances of getting some cool stuff was slim. But I happened to get exactly what I wanted. I purchased Ned Stark, Disney Oswald, Black Superman, Unmasked Ironman and a whole bunch of the Disney Behind the Mask Vinylmations.



I hit-up the Super7 booth next to purchase some Alien Reaction figures 2-pack and a Pocket Rose Vampire, but the line was way too long for me. By Thursday the Alien figures have sold out and I was not lucky enough to grab those but I did eventually grab my Rose Vampire for 25 bucks and I think on Friday those sold out as well.


Ever since this Japanese vinyl figure was revealed as a SDCC exclusive, I was super excited. I’m talking about Mike Egan’s LUCKY devil figure. I’m a huge fan of Mike’s paintings and his first figure release “Bones”. Lucky came in either black or orange and was an edition of 100 split down the middle. While holding both black and orange figures in my hands at the DKE booth, the decision was hard. I finally decided on the orange! This was a good score for $60. DSCN0718

On Friday my mission was to get in the Mattel line first thing in the morning to pick up the Batman “Batusi TV!” exclusive with the hip, dancing Adam West figure & the groovy, retro package artwork by Shag! I snuck through security 15 minutes early before the doors even opened. I headed to the Mattel line and everything was almost sold out! The people working for Mattel were big asses and very rude. I felt like a grade-school kid getting in that line and being bullied by a bunch of Mattel workers. I did eventually get in line and dealt with the Mattel police to pick up my exclusive Batman figure. I grabbed one for $30 and just for the fun of it, I picked up Hot Wheels A-Team van exclusive. I pity the fool who didn’t get a Batusi Batman! DSCN0732
Sorry for the crappy picture. It's hard to get a good shot with those clear window displays!

Now, it wouldn’t have been a true Comic Con experience without picking up something in the Star Wars category. As I was walking through all the vinyl-collectible booths, something caught my eye... DARTH PON! This awesome Pon Wars piece from Kuso Vinyl is a really cool spin on Mr. Vader. At only $12, I had to own one! I’m very happy with this purchase. “Who’s your DADDY!” PonWars

I had a awesome time picking up all of these toys and meeting some cool guys along the way. I'll post some more SDCC scores soon! Check back soon.