Frank Kozik The Shadow Government Mr. Halliburton Release 6.12.13
3D Retro to release Gary Baseman CREAMY GID Edition at SDCC

Super7 at SDCC with New Exclusives!


SDCC is just around the corner and Super7 will exhibit once again with some new vinyl exclusives and t-shirt designs. Super7 just finished up their anniversary bash with Lucky Bags filled with awesome new goodies, so we can't wait to see what they will bring to the table at the biggest event of the year. 

The above picture is just a teaser. S7 will be adding more details to their exclusives closer to the event and we hear they're going to be mind-blowing. Keep checking back for info on their new vinyl pieces and even some ALIEN ReAction Figure surprises!

Mark your map now for the new Super7 location...