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Disney Vinylmation Lone Ranger Set - Release Info

Vinylmation has released the first look of the LONE RANGER set. The set is from the upcoming Disney movie starring Armie Hammer & Johnny Depp. The 2-pack includes 3 inch figures of The Lone Ranger & Tonto. Designed by artist Eric Caszatt. Limited Edition of 2000. Retails for $26.95. The set will be released on June 21st at the Disney Parks on both East & West sides. No word yet about a online release. Vm-longranger

SUPER7 Lucky Bags & GARGAMEL Custom Show – MAY 25th!

Here comes the annual Super7 Lucky Bags! For all you Kaiju collectors, this is a MUST! Lucky bags contain 9 figures. Cost $300. That may seem like a lot for some Japanese style toys, but there are going to be some hand-painted & rare stuff happening in the bags. You can purchase the bags at the Super7 11th anniversary party in San Francisco on May 25 at 7 PM. Check out some Gargamel Customs as well. I'll leftover bags will be sold online May 26 at 11 AM PST. GOOD LUCK! Well, the flyer says it all, so I'm going to stop typing now. LB7
Check out some past goodies from Super7 Lucky Bags here.

VIDEO: Cosplay Queen Tanya Tate Interviewed At Powercon

Hollywood Gone Geek, Tanya Tate, Cosplay, She-ra, Powercon, Thundercon, He-Man, Sexy Cosplay, @HwoodGoneGeek, HGG, Video, Interview, Convention, Event

Newly posted on the official Powercon Youtube page is a video interview of Cosplay Queen Tanya Tate. Tanya appeared at the Masters of the Universe/Thundercats convention as a sexy version of She-ra. Tanya has made a name for herself by attending many cons dressed as easily recognizable characters like Emma Frost, Catwoman and more.

Here she talks about the Powercon event and more:

More info on the annual Powercon event can be found here. For more on Tanya Tate, visit her popular Cosplay Blog,

VIDEO: Superman Unbound Clip: "You Must Be Brainiac"

Superman, Brainiac, Superman Unbound, Man of Steel, Krypton, DC Comics, Animated Movie, Direct To Video, Home Media, DC Animated Universe, DCU, Matt Bomer, John Noble
Next week the animated feature Superman Unbound is released to DVD/Blu-ray. Directed by James Tucker, Superman Unbound is based on the "Brainac" storyline by Geoff Johns.

Here is a cool clip appropriately named "You Must Be Brainiac" in which the Man of Steel comes face to face with the green skinned villain. Superman is voiced by Matt Bomer while John Noble stars as Brainiac.

You can pre-order the movie right here from Amazon. Look for a review of the movie here on HGG, shortly.

Jeff Lamm Monster Worship Mini Greasebats at C2E2

This past weekend at the C2E2 in Chicago, the 2 Mini Greasebats were released by Monster Worship. Hopefully some of you passed by the Nakama Toys booth and grabbed 'em. They retailed for $40 each. For those who missed-out, not to worry! Monster Worship has you covered. You can purchase the little fellas on thier site store starting Wed., May 1st. This is the 1st debut of the sitting Mini Greasebat. He's awesome in Creamcicle Orange! And this is the 2nd time we are seeing a standing mini Greasebat release. The 1st was a black NY ComicCon exclusive. Jeff Lamm's Greasebats are always amazing.  Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 1.57.57 PM

NEWS: Box Cover & Release Date Announced For New Justice League Animated Movie - The Flashpoint Paradox

Hollywood Gone Geek. DCAU, DCU, Flashpoint, Justice League, Animated Movie, DVD, Blu-ray, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, Jay Oliva, The Flash, Batman, Aquaman, Flashpoint Paradox, DC Universe, @HwoodGoneGeek, HGG, New 52, Justice League Movie, News, Entertainment, Box Cover, Release date, Cover Art, Home Video, Warner Bros., Reveal, Wonder Woman, Aquaman
News on the new Justice League movie....the animated one.

While Marvel so far has a lock on the Superhero movies released in theaters, DC is untouchable when it comes to animated movies. The next powerful entry in the series of direct to video animated movies is Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. Based on the 2011 series that shook up the continuity of the DC Comics Universe and resulted in the birth of the "New 52", Flashpoint features an alternate reality, time travel and more.

Continue reading "NEWS: Box Cover & Release Date Announced For New Justice League Animated Movie - The Flashpoint Paradox" »

SNEAK PEEK: Vinylmation Maleficent x Madame Mim Set

Today Disney blog reviled a sneak peek for the upcoming Vinylmation Maleficent & Madame Mim set that will be released at the 13 Reflections of Evil trading event at Walt Disney World. The 13 Reflections of Evil Trading Event will begin on Friday, September 13th, 2013  thru Sunday, September 15th, 2013 at Epcot. The event will include Villains inspired merchandise including Pins, Vinylmation, Art & Collectibles, and more. It should be a good, wicked time! Last year the theme for the event was Mickey's Circus. At Mickey's Circus there were awesome Vinylmation give-aways with your registration & Cast Member Vinylmation exclusives that were given away at the event. So, I'm certain we will see some incredible exclusives at this event that will put a spell on us. This year should be a sell-out because everybody loves their Villains. So be sure to get registered when you can. Tickets will go on sale May 8th via Disney Parks MerchandiseScreen Shot 2013-04-25 at 9.43.44 AM



Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 9.46.02 AM

In the past, Vintlmation released a 12 inch Maleficent and the collectors have been waiting for a 3 inch. Well, the wait is over! However, I'm not sure they made the right choice with the "Minnie" mold with the bow on her head. They should have gone with a new, custom piece for her horns. But that's just me! I'm still excited about this figure. The art work nicely resembles the Maleficent in the classic Disney film "Sleeping Beauty". I hope she comes with a evil wand accessory & her pet raven Diablo. No word yet on how to get your claws on one. Price TBD.

Madame Mim set...

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 9.43.13 AM

This picture just shows Madame Min in her original form. The other figure could be anything she transforms to from the Sword in the Stone film like an alligator, a fox, a hen, an elephant, a tiger, a rattlesnake, and a rhinoceros, all of which were colored pink and an ugly, purple, fire-breathing dragon. Either way, this set will be worth picking-up for all you Villains collectors. Figures 3 inches tall. No release or price info yet.

Vinylmation PARK STARZ Series 2 Release

Disney's Vinylmation Park Starz Series 2 will be hitting the shelves of D Street in Downtown Disney Anaheim on May 10th. The set was designed by Thomas Scott & Casey Jones. Casey Jones will be doing a signing on Friday from 5-7PM. It's always a fun time when Casey makes a special appearance. Be sure to check it out! There is no release information for Walt Disney World and there is also no price tag on these guys yet. Park Starz Series 1 retails for $18.95, so I'm sure it will be the same. This is a blind-box set. Actually it's a blind tin-box set! I'll be after the Tower of Terror Bellhop & Hunted Mansion's Hitchhiking Ghost Gus. Which one are you after?   Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 3.59.18 PM

NEWS: Watch The Thor: The Dark World Trailer Now!

Thor, Marvel, Trailer, Hollywood Gone Geek, HGG, @hwoodgonegeek, Thor: The Dark World, TDW, Asgard, Loki, Entertainment, The Dark World, Sequel, Comic Book Movie, Superhero, Marvel Comics, Avengers, Chris Hemsworth, Mjolnir, facebook, Jaimie Alexander

It's Hammer Time again. More Thor: The Dark World news strikes down as the trailer for the upcoming sequel to Thor makes it's way online. The 2 minute trailer features some incredible imagery and returning characters Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Jaimie Alexander as Sif and Anthony Hopkins as Odin.

Watch the trailer right here:

Thor: The Dark World is directed by Alan Taylorand and set to be released on November 8th.

NEWS: Bryan Singer Tweets Pregnant Halle Berry In X-Men: Days Of Future Past Storm Costume

Halle Berry, Bryan Singer, X-Men: Days Of Future, Superhero, Sequel, X-Men, Marvel Comics, Marvel, Entertainment, Comic Book, Storm, @Hwoodgonegeek, HGG, Hollywood Gone Geek, Mutants, Entertainment, Twitter, Social Media

Following X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer via social media is a perfect example in using the platform for creating awareness for a movie. Singer has been regularly revealing tidbits and info about the newest X-Men: Days of Future Past movie.

Halle Berry, Bryan Singer, X-Men: Days Of Future, Superhero, Sequel, X-Men, Marvel Comics, Marvel, Entertainment, Comic Book, Storm, @Hwoodgonegeek, HGG, Hollywood Gone Geek, Mutants, Entertainment, Twitter, Social Media

Now, Singer has posted via his twitter an incredible image of pregnant Halle Berry who returns as Storm for the fourth time. Not one of the costumes that Storm has been seen in before, but a more realistic, gritty look for the powerful mutant, which is the tone of this classic X-Men story.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is set to be released July 18, 2014. Singer can be followed HERE.

NEWS: Thor: Dark World Movie Poster Released

Thor, Marvel, Hollywood Gone Geek, HGG, @hwoodgonegeek, Thor: The Dark World, TDW, Asgard, Loki, Entertainment, The Dark World, Sequel, Comic Book Movie, Superhero, Marvel Comics, Avengers, Chris Hemsworth, Mjolnir, facebook

The God of Thunder returns in Thor: The Dark World, the sequel to 2011's Thor. Set to be released on November 8th of this year, the superhero flick is directed by Alan Taylorand sees Chris Hemsworth returning to the role. Also coming back is Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Anthony Hopkins as Odin.

Thor, Marvel, Hollywood Gone Geek, HGG, @hwoodgonegeek, Thor: The Dark World, TDW, Asgard, Loki, Entertainment, The Dark World, Sequel, Comic Book Movie, Superhero, Marvel Comics, Avengers, Chris Hemsworth, Mjolnir, facebook

The poster has debuted courtesy of the Thor Facebook page and depicts the Avenger emerging from a storm with lightning striking around him and his hammer, Mjolnir.

Count Calorie x Ron English Release/Pre-Order

The Cereal Killer series continues with Ron English's newest addition. "COUNT CALORIE". This spin off of General Mills Count Chocula is our favorite so far.


In the past we've seen Fat Tony and Captain Cornstarch. Some of Ron's past artwork may show us some possible upcoming figures. We shall wait and see.

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 4.11.29 PM

But for now, you can pre-order Count Calorie from My Plastic Heart for $60. shipping August 2013 (shipping schedule is subject to change). He stands 8 inches tall.  These vinyl figures of obese cereal characters are fun and awesome collectibles. Run over to MyPlasticHeart now and get 'em. "They're G-G-G-GREAT!"

Disney Vinylmation Mickey's Wild West Review

Howdy Partners! Today was the new release for Disney's Vinylmation Mickey's Wild West series. We strolled by our local Disney Store and picked-up some bloxes (blind-boxes). Yes, this series is a blind-box set of 12 including the chaser. Well, set of 13 if you include the Sheriff Mickey black & white variant!

Photo 1-1
Photo 2

This is a Disney Store exclusive featuring all of our favorite Disney characters. Once again Disney has pulled off yet another awesome vinyl set. This series shows off the wonderful art work of Disney artist Gerald Mendez and Enrique Pita. Hopefully some of you got lucky enough to have gotten some signed by the artist at the South Coast Plaza in CA. this past Saturday. 

Photo 4

After opening our boxes, we found that over-all this is a great set! The artwork, color tones & accessories are pretty darn groovy. On the other hand, there were some paint issues and other matters. As we all know, these figures are massed produced in China and we will see some flaws on a hand-full of these figures. Maybe we just got a bad case to pull from. Not all cases will have issues. Our Donald had some debris/dust mixed in the paint, Minnie's face was noticeably touched-up with a sharpie marker and others just had some marks that could be easily removed with a Magic Eraser. Yes, in case you didn't know, Magic Erasers are perfect for getting little scuffs off of Vinylmation figures. Our only other complaint was that Minnie's bonnet was a nightmare to put on her head. We actually use the hairdryer to soften up the vinyl to make it more flexible to put around her ears. But we still managed to get a little bit of the pink paint on her ears. Oops! Don't let our review keep you from getting these guys. This happens to all of the series that gets released. Again, It's VERY normal. 

Photo 5
Photo 1
Photo 3

The set including the following characters... Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, Goofy, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Clarabelle, Horace & Peg-Leg Pete. Each figure in 3 inches tall. They retail for $12.95 EA. You can purchase them from your local Disney Store or Disney Store Online. On the online description it mentions that collector cards are included, but I assure you NO cards are in these boxes. Now, go get some for yourself! YEEEEE HAWWWWWW!

Photo 2-1

Photo 3-1

NEWS: Iron Man Rise of The Technovore Animated Movie Released On Blu-Ray

Iron Man, Rise of The Technovore, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye, War Machine, Punisher, Animated, Movie, Anime, Japanimation, Hiroshi Hamazaki, Nick Fury, SHIELD, Entertainment. Home Media, Marvel Comics
The 'other' Iron Man movie this summer has been released on to Blu-ray/DVD. Iron Man Rise of The Technovore is an animated anime style movie. What is the movie about? Here is a synopsis:

Billionaire Tony Stark, in his Iron Man armor, prevents an attack from a mysterious new foe, but innocent bystanders are killed, including his best friend War Machine, Lt. Colonel James Rhodes. Detained for questioning by S.H.I.E.L.D., Iron Man escapes, determined to find the mastermind behind the attack. Pursued by Black Widow and Hawkeye, Iron Man enlists the help of the ruthless vigilante The Punisher. But can the Armored Avenger handle what he finds when he catches the person responsible and is forced to face his deadliest weapon, a biotechnology called Technovore that could wipe out all life on the planet?

Directed by Hiroshi Hamazaki.

It really plays up to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the inclusion of Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye, War Machine and even Punisher; all of which have been seen cinematically.

I just picked up the movie (so can you - right here) and will be posting a review when I get a chance to check it out.

In the meantime, have a look at the trailer