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COMICS: Marvel's Avengers Assemble #1-8 Review

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Not a bad start for this newer Avengers title.

In a sea of monthly Avengers titles this one caught my eye. While Avengers Assemble is 616 Universe proper, it really does cater to the Marvel Cinematic Universe crowd, which is actually kind of fun and a selling point for me.

A mad plan by Avengers movie post credit sequence star Thanos is set in motion as he tries to attain a "Cosmic Cube" for universal domination. The Avengers step in to save the day with an assist from the Guardians of the Galaxy. Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man and Black Widow do battle with baddies on earth and in space.

The story moves along briskly and we go from Avengers knocking around some Zodiac powered villains to a cosmic jaunt that involves the Guardians and Celestial entities. It's a fun read that works on several levels. Brian Michael Bendis is obviously well versed in the characters and does an amazing job in their interactions and keeping the humorous tone from the movie, while still staying within the Marvel U.

The art by Mark Bagley is incredible. Nice detail work. His Hulk is spot on, there is a lot of depth and it feels big, which is perfect for this arc.

I had a good time with this arc. Like I mentioned Avengers Assemble is a solid read for fans of the Marvel Movies and casual comic readers. It's also a nice Guardians of The Galaxy and Thanos primer, who will obviously be seen in future Marvel Movies, which is probably what it was intended for.