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Cosplayer TANYA TATE Suits Up For Appearance At The Fourth Annual Geek Media Expo!

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The popular comic book cosplayer and superhero blogger will be making a special signing appearance at the geek genre convention this weekend. 

For Immediate Release: October 23rd, 2012

(Hollywood, CA) Superhero blogger and cosplayer Tanya Tate is set to make a special signing appearance at the forth annual Geek Media Expo. Tanya will be at the event October 27th and 28th promoting her website and her cosplay photo book, Tanya Tate: My Life In Costume. Tanya began cosplaying in 2010 and quickly gained recognition for fun, sexy and detail orientated costumes. Her blog launched the following year with convention coverage and quickly grew to include news and reviews. Tanya will be signing her book, posing for pictures and taking part of some of the show's panels. 

"I am extremely thrilled to take part of the Geek Media Expo," said Tanya. "I'm very ecstatic to have been invited and look forward to having an incredible time meeting everyone that comes to the event.

The Geek Media Expo takes place at the Cool Springs Conference Center & Franklin Marriott located at 700 Cool Springs Boulevard in Franklin, Tennessee. More information on the GMX can be found at the show's official website:

To create a greater awareness of her GMX appearance, Tanya has recorded a video which has been uploaded to her Youtube page - Tanya Tate Tube:

Tanya will also be posting updates on her Twitter profile;

Cosplay cutie Tanya Tate makes her first Geek Media Expo signing this weekend!

For more Tanya Tate, please visit the Tanya Tate network:

To interview Tanya Tate for your Website or Publication;

Please contact:

(818) 732-0191


VIDEO: IRON MAN 3 Trailer Hits The Web!

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Wow. I just finished taking a look at the new Iron Man 3 trailer. Before we go any further, check it out for yourself and then you can read my spoiler filled comments.

Lots of good stuff in there.

I noticed a real change in tone, the feel is much darker than the playfulness we got the first two times around. Which I think could be a good things, especially in light of what Tony has gone through. He's changed, and after the events of the Avengers (to swipe a line from Old Ben) taken his first step into a much larger world.

Still don't know what it is up with Iron Patriot, but it looks like he is going to be a pretty significant part of the movie.

The Iron Man armor popping up in bed with Tony and Pepper was a little weird without context.

The destruction of the Hall of Armor was pretty awesome. It's been a very familiar part of Tony's "Iron-Cave", to see it destroyed is akin to blowing up Bruce's dinosaur. So we know things are about to get real in Tony's world. Then the whopper: his hole pad is blown up. Incredible visual.

The Mandarin's rings. Nice tease. One helluva fanboy moment.
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While this is just a taste of what is to come, it's a good one. I've no fear that Iron Man 3 is going to deliver. I, like a lot of people, had my eyebrow raised when it was announced that Favreau wasn't going to helm this flick, but I think the fears are subsiding after this first look.


EVENT: Mad Monster Party Tribute Gallery Showing (Los Angeles)

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Tonight, Saturday October 13th, there will be a gallery showing in Los Angeles for works inspired by the classic 1967 Rankin/Bass film, Mad Monster Party. For fans, like me, of the stop-motion animated film this is a pretty incredible event.

The showing will take place at the Van Eaton Gallery (13613 Ventura Blvd.) in Sherman Oaks. Some of the art work that will be at the showing can be purchased online right now.

Also, Rick Goldschmidt will be there signing copies of the book "Mad Monster Party" which delves in the background of the movie with never before seen photos, the script and much more. If you hit up the website there is a $10 off coupon available you can us for tonight.

More information can be found on

If you can't make it, check back and I should have some pictures up.