Sparks Entertainment Announces Upcoming Slasher "Scissors"


The Harry Sparks directed film will feature adult entertainment superstar Jill Kassidy in the lead role.


(LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA) - Sparks Entertainment ( is excited to announce the upcoming slasher film "Scissors." The movie "Scissors" is in the vein of a classic slasher horror film that follows a group of friends as they spend the night in an abandoned building only to be stalked and hunted by a sadistic killer. The movie promises to deliver all the thrills and scares that horror fans crave.

The production team is pulling out all the stops to make this movie a reality, including casting award-winning actors Jill Kassidy and Tommy Pistol, as well as Isiah Maxwell, Avery Jane, Lacey Jane, Alex Coal, and Shawn Alff in lead roles. Harry Sparks will direct the movie, and the production team is confident that he will deliver an unforgettable horror experience.

To fund the project, the company is looking to crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The campaign is currently running and will end on May 16th, 2023. The goal of the campaign is to raise funds to cover the production expenses of the movie. The crowdfunding campaign will build awareness through a pitch video featuring the principal actors and promotions on social media and mainstream press. "Scissors" on Indiegogo is found at

In addition, if the funding goal is surpassed, the extra funds will be used for additional extras, equipment, and locations to make the movie even more terrifying.

"With the support of our fans and horror enthusiasts, we hope to bring 'Scissors' to life and make it the ultimate slasher horror movie experience," said Harry Sparks, the director of the movie.

Once the crowdfunding goal is achieved at the end of the 30 days, principal photography will commence in August 2023 for approximately seven days. After post-production (editing, sound, music, etc.) is complete, the movie will be screened in front of press and sales agents at American Film Market in November. From there, a distribution deal will allow maximum mainstream exposure for the movie on major streaming platforms such as Netflix, Tubi and Amazon.

Move over, Jason and Michael; there is a new killer on the block! Back the Scissors campaign and bring a new slasher to life!

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The First Krofft Kon Announced For May 21st


Fans of the Sid and Marty Krofft shows have an event geared especially for them.

Are you a fan of H.R PufnStuf, Land of The Lost, or any of the other popular Krofft kid's shows of the '70s? Then you need to make sure you get tickets to the upcoming Krofft Kon! The Krofft Kon celebrates the programs of Sid & Marty Krofft.

Guest confirmed for the event includes Krofft notables: Butch Patrick from Lidsville, Wesley Eure and Kathy Coleman from Land of the Lost, Johnny Whitaker from Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, Sharon Baird from H.R. Pufnstuf, Land of the Lost, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, and Lidsville. Plus, special Krofft alumni guest Christopher Knight from The Brady Bunch Hour!

In addition to meeting the Krofft stars, other festivities will include Q & As, lectures, a costume contest, trivia games. Closing out the event, The Pufnstuf movie (1970) will be screened at the end of the Kon.

The Krofft Kon will take place at the historic Orinda Theatre (just outside of Berkeley, California), which will be transformed into "Living Island."

Tickets are available on Eventbrite at Admission is only $25 for all-day or a VIP Pass $45.

A special VIP Pass is available that will be limited to 100 people. This ticket is the one you want. It will get you in to meet the celebrity guests one hour before the general public. The VIP Pass will also get you a commemorative Krofft Kon T-shirt, VIP badge, and gift bag with special items, including a FREE popcorn and soft drink token.

I won't be able to make it, so have fun and take lots of pictures!

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#NEWS: Monstar On "Femonsters" Future


The Rise of the Femonsters Kickstarter campaign closed on August 31st. But it did not meet the funding goal. So what's next for the team of superhero monsters? Creator Alexander "Monstar" Raymond posted an update on Kickstarter about what the future holds for the comic book.


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#FEATURE: RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS Comic Book Variant Cover Spotlight - MG Curves!


The Kickstarter campaign for Alexander "Monstar" Raymond's comic book - Rise of the Femonsters is almost finished. But we still need your help to make sure it reaches its funding goal. Consider pledging on Kickstarter to make sure this comic book comes to life at Monstar shares his story about one of the comic's variant covers:  


MG Curves rendered this incredible cover. He was actually recommended to me by a client, but I knew his work before. I had seen his erotic pin-ups of well-known actresses and appreciated his unique style.

I reached out to him, and aside from providing a couple of reference images, I just let him do his thing. I really loved the colors he used, evoking a real Emanuele Taglietti vibe.

The artwork features RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS' main vampire Countess Dracula (inspired by Tanya Tate). The Countess is sitting back and enjoying a glass of (?)

She is wearing a sheer robe and cozily relaxing on the couch in her castle. If you look behind the Countess, you may notice her prized sword is right behind her.

This cover is available via a pledge or add-on and comes with a bonus trading card.

The campaign to get RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS comic book funded is open now through August 31st. Click here to back the comic book!

#INTERVIEW: Alexander "Monstar" Raymond Talks Femonsters' Rise With First Comics News


Countess Dracula, Lady Frankenstein, The Beastress...these are some of the characters you'll meet in the upcoming RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS comic book by Alexander "Monstar" Raymond.

Monstar is currently raising money via Kickstarter to complete the action/horror comic. A homage to Hammer Horror, Universal Monsters, and Marvel's Legion of Monsters, RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS features a gang of monsters battling it out for a mystic ornament that contains the secrets of life and death.

When talking about RISE, Monstar said it contained "A lot of action. I want this to feel like a thrill ride. I knew If I were going to make any type of impression and get people talking, I needed to come out swinging. The first draft was overwhelming. I had to work on the pacing to instill more character development and give the reader a chance to breathe. But, yeah, issue one should come with seatbelts."

Read Monstar's entire interview on First Comics News here:

Back the RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS comic book on Kickstarter here:

Watch the trailer below:

#NEWS: RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS Comic Book Kickstarter Reaches Over 30% Funding!


Alexander "Monstar" Raymond ( launched a crowdfunding campaign earlier this week for his action/horror Comic Book RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS. So far, the campaign has reached 31% of its targeted funding of $6,666.00. The money accumulated will be used to complete the comic book and pay for printing.

RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS features a group of beautiful monsters teaming up to save the world from an evil mummy hellbent on vengeance and controlling the undead.

RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS is the first comic book in Alexander's Monstar Horror Universe imprint.

Watch the trailer for RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS below:

Help RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS meet its goal by backing it on Kickstarter here:

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Horror-Superhero Comic Book Rise Of The Femonsters Launches On Kickstarter


A war of monsters erupts in the first issue of this new series.

For Immediate Release: July 22nd, 2021

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) The Kickstarters campaign for RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS comic book launches on August 1st, 2021. Created by Alexander "Monstar" Raymond, the comic book will feature the world's greatest monsters at war with each other over mysterious relics known as the Life Creator and the Death Breaker, which can unlock the secrets of resurrection. The Kickstarter campaign will be to fund the first issue of the series. The RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS campaign will feature several pledge levels and incentives to encourage fan engagement.

Long-time genre fan Alexander conceived the comic, inspired by an admiration of Hammer Films and 70's Marvel horror magazines. The characters introduced in the first issue are Countess Dracula, Lady Frankenstein, Madame Beastress, The Banshee, The Queen Of Blood, Mistress Hyde, and Doctor Knowhere.

"RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS is a series that horror and comic books fans will enjoy," said Alexander. "The story has exciting elements like action and adventure, set in a dark and sinister setting. The Kickstarter campaign starts it all off with some fun pledge levels and incredible incentive rewards."

The trailer can be seen on Youtube here:

The RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS Kickstarter campaign begins on August 1st and will run for one month, ending August 31st. Those looking to back the campaign can do so on Kickstarter here:

Backer levels include the physical and digital version of the RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS comic book, variant comic book covers, trading cards, autographed cosplay covers by influencer Tanya Tate, and more. Stretch goal rewards will include stickers, mini-posters, and other exclusive collectibles.

To encourage early pledges, those who commit to the physical or digital levels within the first 48 hours will receive a video thank you from cosplay and media personality Tanya Tate. While those that pledge $50 and above will get a special custom video shout-out from Tanya.

RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS is the inaugural title from the Monstar Horror Universe imprint. The line will focus on the world of super-powered monsters. Intended future titles include Countess Dracula vs. The Brides of Blood and The Death of Lady Frankenstein.


Witness the birth of Alexander "Monstar Raymond's horror universe with RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS! Pledge on Kickstarter to help bring this project to life.

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