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#BLURAY: The Amazon Exclusive Batman v Superman Ultimate Editions Come With Statues!

The box sets of the upcoming Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition release are available with an exclusive Batman or Superman Figurine!

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#VIDEO: Watch Arrow, The Flash And More Face-Off In The Superhero Fight Club Clip

The good people at the CW have released what is probably the best promo clip for a television series ever. Welcome to the superhero fight club. Are you ready? The video is posted below.

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#NEWS: Enjoy Your First Look At The Reverse Flash!


It’s been a long time coming for your watchers of the popular CW superhero show The Flash, but finally we see Tom Cavanagh in costume as The Reverse Flash! The CW released the image in promotion of the upcoming episode "Out of Time.” Take a look at the image of the Reverse Flash below.

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#NEWS: The Flash Faces Several Super-Villains In New Trailer!


The Flash returns March 17th and the bad guys will be waiting. A new trailer has been posted that teases upcoming episodes and it looks like the scarlet speedster is going to have his hands full. Seen are Weather Wizard, Heat Wave, Captain Cold with his sister Lisa (also known as The Golden Glider in the comics), and if that wasn’t enough Mark Hamill reprises his role from the 1990 series as The Trickster! There is also a nice tease for The Reverse Flash. Watch the trailer below.

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#NEWS: First Photos Of Melissa Benoist As The New Supergirl!


Take your first look at Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-el, better known as Supergirl! The promo images of the currently in production pilot were just released and feature Benoist standing tall in her costume that was designed by 3 time Oscar winner Colleen Atwood, who also designed costumes for The Flash and Arrow. Take a look at the new Maid of Might below:

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#NEWS: The Cover Of Next DC Universe Animated Movie, Batman Vs. Robin Revealed!


Hot on the heels of the release of Justice League: Throne of Atlantis comes another DC Universe Animated Movie set in the new 52 Universe, Batman Vs. Robin. The sequel to 2014's Son of Batman is directed by Jay Oliva, Batman Vs. Robin stars the voice talents of Jason O'Mara (Batman), Stuart Allan (Robin), Sean Maher (Nightwing), and David McCallum (Alfred Pennyworth). Take a look at the exciting cover below:

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#NEWS: The CW Announces Animated Series Based DC Comics’ Vixen!

Vixen Dc Comics CW Seed 03

This is some exciting news coming out of the WB-Multiverse. Popular DC Comics superhero and former leader of the JLA (pre-New 52), Vixen, will be getting her own CW Seed animated series. The CW Seed is The CW’s digital-only network. The show was announced at the Winter 2015 TCA’s. Take a look at some of the promo artwork below.

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Phil's Favorite SDCC 2014 Funko Exclusive Scores from Comic Con

Hey Funko fans! It's Phil from Poppin' Off About Funko's Facebook Group. Hollywood Gone Geek asked me to get a list together of my favorite Funko SDCC scores.  So, here is my list...


We have seen Funko reveal week after week their upcoming exclusives for San Diego Comic Con. We were very excited to see glam shots of all these wonderful exclusives Funko would be selling at their famous booth at SDCC. There were also other Exclusives I was excited about from Fugitive, Crazy Cay Collectibles, Toy Tokyo & POP! Asia.

Well, after battling the Funko booth and a couple others at Comic Con.  I had a lot of these gems in hand. Here are my favorites after seeing these exclusives in person.


Wampa-Luke 2-Pack from Star Wars

This set is amazing! The super-sized Wampa with his cut off arm by Luke’s lightsaber is great! Luke had some new detail as well with some battle scar blood. This is a must have for any Star Wars fan! Funko used the force with this and did a really cool job of bringing the Hoth scene to the vinyl-toy world.


Huckleberry Hound from Hanna Barbera

Funko first revealed this exclusive with the original release artwork. As it turned out the Comic Con exclusive was the dark blue variant. The Hound is a limited edition of only 480 pieces. So if you have one of these in your collection, it's a totally good thing. I was really excited to pick up this Hanna-Barbera Pup! There were also 6 colored variants at Funko’s FunDays that were a limited edition of only 24 each (those were not for sale, the FunDays variants are priceless).


Toy Tokyo Gold Batmobile 

Okay, so technically my next pick was not revealed by Funko, the Gold Batmobile was a Toy Tokyo exclusive. It's a limited edition of only 300 pieces. The Gold Batmobile comes with a red Batman Hero Pop. These were very limited at Comic Con as they sold out within the first 45 minutes each day. Batman looks really pimped-out in his gold ride! This was the ultimate score for me, as I’m a huge Batman fan!


Toy Tokyo Antique Skeletor Hikari

Yes, another Toy Tokyo Exclusive made my favorite list! What can I say, Toy Tokyo also revealed some really amazing pieces. This Hikari figure has an incredible silver/black/gold paint job. These Hikari figures are handmade and crafted by a wonderful company called MindStyle. This figure measures about 6 inches tall and this particular piece is a limited edition of only 300 pieces.


Beat Up Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad

I’m a fan of the award winning show Breaking Bad. I thought this beat-up Jesse was a great variant. I actually like this Comic Con exclusive better than the original release of Jesse. Damn, Tuco really did a job on this guy! This figure is an limited-edition of 2500 pieces.


Fugitive White Lantern Batman

Ok, so this next favorite was not even at SDCC, but I’m going to throw him in there for a couple of reasons. 1, he’s VERY cool and 2, he was a part of a SDCC Fugitive Exclusive 7-pack that I got right after Comic Con. This White Lantern Batman was the Mystery figure in the 7-pack! Hopefully we see a glow-in -the -dark version next.

  Hopping Ghost

Pop! Asia Hopping Ghost Series

These were at the MindStyle booth at SDCC. These creepy Gold exclusives are too cool! There are 4 figures in the set… Prime Minister, The Sheriff, Little Prince & The Judge. Funko & MidStyle teamed up on this project as well. All I can say is… the paint application on these vinyls are wonderful! Flawless! I’m happy to add these guys to my collection. 

  San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive Stan Lee Pop! Vinyl Figure by Funko

Sten Lee SDCC Version 

I have never been a fan of the Stan Lee Pop! figures until I saw this one. Finally, a SDCC version of Stan the man! This Stan Exclusive was at the Crazy Cat Collectibles booth for $25. I couldn't pass him up! 


I hope you guys got to score some SDCC Funko Exclusives of your own. 

Until next year guys…. 

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