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#NEWS: Doctor Her? TANYA TATE Wants To Be The New Doctor Who!


The geek celebrity wants to be the first female to step into the role of the iconic character.

With the recent news that current Doctor Who Peter Capaldi was stepping down from the role at the completion of his third season, avid fan Tanya Tate has made it known she is interested in taking over.

Tanya tweeted a picture of herself wearing only the Fourth Doctor’s scarf with the text “Need a new #DoctorWho? I'm ready.”

While she has yet to cosplay as one of the Doctors, Tanya has made several Youtube videos in which she talks about the show and reviews related merchandise like action figures, Titans vinyl figures and Blu-Rays.

She was even tapped by Ranker to countdown her favorite Top 5 Doctor Who companions:

In the improbable event that Tanya become the first woman to wield the Sonic Screwdriver, she would be the third Liverpudlian to step into the iconic role following Tom Baker and Paul McGaan.


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